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Social Media Marketing

The ultimate online avenue for connecting with your target audience, gathering leads and sales, increasing website traffic and much more.

When consumers make decisions, co-workers, friends and “people like me” are trusted far more frequently than any other company or organisation. Consumers are much more likely to make their next purchase based on a recommendation from a friend or customer review than from an advertisement. For the first time in history, technology has reached a point where every individual’s voice, opinion and referral can be heard. Through social media, this voice has become a powerful force influencing and changing the ways individuals, companies and communities behave.

Choosing Social Media for your business

Increasing your brand presence in social media is becoming more significant each year as more and more people seek advice from their peers on the Internet, regarding what they should think, buy and say. The need to incorporate individuals, who are trusted or have the loudest voice, has now become increasingly important. Establishing a relationship between your brand and the consumer is an integral marketing component for any business that maintains a website or consumer brand.

Each social media outlet (Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin etc) has a distinct purpose: It is important for all businesses to evaluate why they are on a particular social media site and what their goals are. There is a need to establish who the company is targeting and how they can best use the medium to promote themselves. Then, they have to decide which type of networking (personal or professional) will help them achieve their objectives so they can focus time effeciently. This does not mean abandoning one for the other; it’s about knowing what works best in each venue and giving more attention to the one that produces better results. In other words, for your business, is it better to socialise with customers, maintain a professional identity, build rapport, elicit emotion or make contacts? It is important to figure out what gives you the best return on your investment, and then we can craft your social media campaign around that information. When you know thecompany’s purpose for engaging in social media, as well as what each outlet has to offer, then we can make your social media initiative both productive and profitable.

How we can help

The requirement from different types of social media varies for each business and choosing the correct outlet for you is essential from the outset.

We can help your Social Media presence:

Social Media set-up
We design and configure your social media presence to sit in line with your corporate identity across whichever Social Media platform you require (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Linkedin and You Tube, as well as the Social Bookmarking websites, Flickr, Digg, Stumble Upon, Pinterest etc)

Responsive Apps for Facebook
Facebook Apps can be used in a number of creative ways to engage and build your followers. Whether promoting page 'Likes', advertising campaigns, offers/promotions or to building your client database, a Facebook App strategy could help.